Medical Assistance in Dying

Medical Assistance in Dying

The Board of Directors has given its approval for WDMH to offer Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). Medical assistance in dying means that a physician administers medication that intentionally brings about a patient’s death, at the request of the patient. It is sometimes called “aid in dying” or “physician-assisted death”.

This decision is the result of a lengthy process that began with the change in Canadian law last June, followed by planning involving physicians, staff, patients, families, our Ethics Committee and legal counsel. This is a new service that WDMH is offering to the communities we serve, but it’s important to note that a component of MAID is the right for health care providers to choose not to be involved. Anyone at WDMH can choose not to be involved in MAID and that choice will be respected. WDMH has developed MAID policies and procedures with all of the safeguards required by the law.


Patients or members of the community who have questions about MAID should discuss them with their doctor.

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