Hospital Policies

Hospital Policies

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Fire Alarms & Exits

Fire exits are clearly marked throughout the buildings. During a fire alarm, elevators are shut down and all fire doors automatically close until there is an “All Clear” announcement on public speakers. During a fire alarm, stay in your area; do not move to another place unless a member of the Fire Department or hospital staff directs you. Those entering the hospital at the time of an alarm will be asked to remain in the lobby until the “All Clear” is given.


Balloons & Latex

To minimize unnecessary exposure to latex and to safeguard the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors, no balloons are permitted at WDMH. Some patients and staff members are very allergic to latex and can have severe reactions.


No Scents is Good Sense

WDMH has a “No Scents Makes Sense” policy for the protection of people with sensitivities or allergies to perfumes or scented products. Please refrain from wearing or bringing any scented products, including flowers such as lilacs, hyacinths, lilies and poinsettias.

Smoke Free

WDMH is a non-smoking facility and smoking is not permitted on hospital property. There is a Designated Smoking Area for staff, patients and visitors located beside the heliport at the back of the hospital across the parking lot. Smoking anywhere else on the property is prohibited. This includes smoking at the front of the hospital and in vehicles in our parking lots. Thank you for your cooperation.


Smoking Area

Electrical Appliances

You are welcome to bring your own electrical appliances such as razors and hair dryers, which can be safely used in the electrical outlets in the patient bathrooms. All electrical equipment must be approved and checked by the hospital maintenance staff before use. Battery operated appliances are encouraged. External televisions, radios, iPods, MP3s or DVD players cannot be accommodated without headphones for volume control. Please speak with your nurse for more information.