Meet Our Chief Research Officer

Meet Dr. Kerry Anne Hogan

Kerry-Anne researchKerry-Anne, RN, PhD, is a bedside nurse in emergency care, a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa and WDMH’s Chief Research Officer. She is passionate about research and how it links to how the hospital cares for our local communities.

“WDMH is a great hospital and has the opportunity to leverage its size to incorporate new and existing research and best practice into rural healthcare delivery. I’m excited to be part of that.”

What does the Chief Research Officer do?

I get asked this question a lot and the most obvious answer is “research”. But that’s not the most complete answer. As outlined in WDMH’s strategic plan, I focus on research relevant to our patients and our work as a rural hospital.

I have three key roles:

  • acquiring funding to support major research projects at WDMH
  • raising awareness and understanding of the latest health care research
  • providing education to staff

To do these things well, I network with external partners, write grant applications, conduct program evaluations, and provide mentorship opportunities to help staff expand their knowledge base.

To learn more or get involved, please email me at