Quality Improvement Plan

Our Quality Improvement Plan

Quality improvement is an ongoing priority to help us continually find new and better ways of doing things. Our Quality Improvement Plan - or QIP - is one tool that we use to help us document and review our current performance in a variety of areas. With this plan, we can very clearly see our targeted areas for improvement and chart our progress.


Read our QIP Overview, highlighting and listing our hospital’s top priorities for the year.

Read our 2016-2017 QIP Workplan. It includes our improvement targets and initiatives. The spreadsheet includes a core set of indicators that all similar hospitals across the province are working on.

Read our 2015-2016 QIP Progress Report


The Ontario Health Quality Council requires all hospitals to report on a series of core indicators to support province-wide comparisons. WDMH's priority indicators include: 


  • Attain greater than 70% compliance with evidence based, best practice orders and guidelines for COPD patients admitted through Emergency
  • Ensure 70% of patients with a positive Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) tool on screening are followed up by a physician to diagnose or rule out delirium
  • Proportion of women who were induced with indication of post-dates and were less than 41 weeks gestation. Will ensure indication for induction is appropriate.
  • Reduce the Emergency Department length of stay for all complex patients

The QIP is only one of the ways we are working to improve our patients’ experiences. If you have questions, please contact Lynn Hall, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive/Professional Practice Leader at 613.774.2422, ext. 6351.