Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Sets Priorities to 2018

Our Strategic Plan sets priorities, focusing our efforts and resources leading to 2018.

The plan’s development was led by the Board of Directors and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and involved input from many stakeholders. Staff, physicians, volunteers, community members, health and community organizations and municipal leaders provided input and valuable advice.


As part of the planning, the team also looked at the demographics of the communities served by WDMH and the major health trends that may impact how care is delivered. Our local communities have changed over the years - there are some regions that include a large number of seniors, as well as other growing communities with young families.


At the heart of the plan is a commitment to these communities. Three strategic directions focus on improving health and advancing WDMH as a rural teaching hospital and as a leader with the Centre of Excellence for Rural Health and Education.


Download a copy of the WDMH Strategic Plan.


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